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Fuck Life.

Today I was thinking to myself, “What was the point in even getting up today.” After thinking for a really long time I decided that there was truly no point, today was a waste. Now I’ve decided that I’m done with life. No, I’m not killing myself, I’m just giving up. I’m not going to strive for anything anymore, or want anything anymore. I’m even going to watch all my passion simmer away. I’m done deciding on things and thinking about consequences. I’ve decided I’m just going to sit back and watch myself wither away into an emptiness I wish I could convey. I’m so done.


I’m glad I realized that I only have two close friends. Maybe even only two people worth calling a ‘friend’. Fucking ridiculous.

When guys ask me to sext, I turn it around on them saying its super lame.
And then they get all awkward and say,
‘oh, I was just joking, sexting is stupid lol, I don’t sext.’
I enjoy the laughs I consume

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